The Looming Unfinished Task by Greta Christina; not read yet, intending to read soon
If you are looking for a venue to organise a spectacular scientific conference or symposium, you will find it here, at the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine, exactly 110 meters underground. The chamber is a unique combination of tradition and modernity. It is a great alternative to boring, concrete and glass conference rooms.
Drozdowice IV Chamber - “Wieliczka” Salt Mine - tourist attractions of Malopolska



I've played it and finished, so it is possible.

I like this phrase, from the examples: "Hey, did anyone see the sportsball game last night? How amazing was the ball thrown by that sportsball player on the team that half of you root for and the rest of you hate?"
A common mental model for performance is what I'll call the "error model."  In the error model, a person's performance of a musical piece (or performance on a test) is a perfect performance plus some random error. ... But we could also consider the "bug model" of errors. A person taking a test or playing a piece of music is executing a program, a deterministic procedure.  If your program has a bug, then you'll get a whole class of problems wrong, consistently.

Do read the whole thing! Interesting and thoughtful essay from 2012 on learning. Inspired by Mel Baggs essays.

Yay feeds!

Sep. 20th, 2015 10:26 pm
I am importing all (one at a time, sadly) the Tumblr blogs I follow into my Dreamwidth reading page as *Feeds*. You can do so too, just go to: and put in a tumblr blog, followed by "/rss". It's good!
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